Laugh Now - Exhibited at Covent Graden

”Laugh Now but one day we will be in charge” Unique work 2001. Aerosol spray paint on heavy stock. Signed Banksy in the stencil. Exhibited in Covent Garden in 2009
 ”Please Love Me – 10 years of Banksy”. Framed 145 x 120 cm. Depicted several times.
This is the very first impression of the monkey with both feet’s and antennae. The only existing there is. Long e-mail from Pest Control Office ”We have shown the work to the artist, yes he did it
”…Gift from artist to EMI executive who lent his studio to Banksy to paint in.
 Includes letter from EMI executive and specific PCO mail. So 100 % authenticated.

Banksy has the very same image on his own website made from the very same stencil. With feet and antennae. See last photo.
Work also features in the NETFLIX movei "How to sell a Banksy" - it´s seen in connection with the Bankrobber London show "Laugh Now" where the work featured as the highlight.