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    35.000 euros for a "Dismaland Souvenir" last week in France. Nothing to do with the 2003 Anti War Demo. And nothing to do with Banksy. All is wrong with that "placard". From cardboard size to stencil size to stencil details to paint and so on.



    Here compared with a real 2003 Bomb Hugger from the Anti War demo.



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    Banksy in Bergen, Norway 2000. (in Norweigan).

    An interesting article from when Banksy visited Bergen in Norway in 2000 with the music producer Jo Hillier from EMI.

    The text is in Norwegian. The capture line is more or less the story on how Banksy in 2000 when he was unknown visited Bergen to paint I a youth Hip Hop Club. He left the city tagged but he also left behind several paintings at the club. Paintings that the club owner later sold for a small fortune on Sotheby’s. Liza.    “Fuck the Police” being another one sold for 156.000 GBP. This was mid 2007 BEFORE Pest Control was formed. And there of course is no mentioning of Pest Control on these sales for the same reason. Prices exploded and the works sold for four times their estimates.


    They were painted on wooden 122 x 122 boards. And are street works. Or street related.

    The article also gives insight telling us that Banksy would not “authenticate” gifted works or wedding presents and so on. But again, that’s not a question of authentyicity.

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    10 artists worth knowing from banksys "Dismaland"